Blippity Fling-Flang is the New Lorum Ipsum

Blippity Fling-Flang generates fun and unique gibberish text. Use it for whatever you want!


Wuggle shnuzzle cringely yap blupzowee??? Razz fraggle? Ting kanoodle tangity duh bleebblip??? Ho flubbity slapdabba! Doo zippity plopblang! Waggle loo zongle doo fling shnazzle loo blip? Hum roo ho Belgium bleepblang. Wubble loo plop!

Word of the Day

The word of the day is Tizzleblab.

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I want paragraphs with sentences in each with capitalization.

Who made this?

Blippity Fling-Flang was created by orange haired boy. Attribution required! :)

I've got an idea to make it better!

So quit reading this page and tell me.

Can I get the code?


Why not?

Well, dee bleebing blobbing blabbing doo bloo dee blingity jinglezang - zip bloobity zowee crungle floo dee jangle.

Pretty please with Cherries on top can I have the code?

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