Blippity Fling-Flang is the New Lorum Ipsum

Blippity Fling-Flang generates fun and unique gibberish text. Use it for whatever you want!


Meep roo flub shnaz? Doofha-floppity-tangle! Zap flipping tanglezonk! Dingle fraggle fleeshnozzle, "flong yap boo flob," boo Moe floo plop loo bang-bleeb...bloo nip yip! Dabba twiddle tingblung, "cringle hum zap bloo," ha Mr. Hat bananarama flub zap funk-twiddle...izzle zip hum! Doo flinging flanging nippy dee blip roo cringely blangdobba. Ongle! Waggle da jongely bananaramawacko.

Word of the Day

The word of the day is Flibblerazz.

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I want paragraphs with sentences in each with capitalization.

Who made this?

Blippity Fling-Flang was created by orange haired boy. Attribution required! :)

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So quit reading this page and tell me.

Can I get the code?


Why not?

Well, dee bleebing blobbing blabbing doo bloo dee blingity jinglezang - zip bloobity zowee crungle floo dee jangle.

Pretty please with Cherries on top can I have the code?

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